LinkNet Broadband Pvt Ltd is a innovative organization that has driven changes in this industry by taking the lead in providing affordable broadband access to home users and corporates since 2015, when it was thought to be impossible and still continues to do so.In-house development of all major/critical requirements for ISP operations affords us one of the lowest cost per subscriber overheads and the flexibility to undertake changes overnight.

Vision & Mission

From the start, our aim has been to provide the best possible high-speed internet experience to our customers through the most robust technology and flawless network.To further accelerate growth in Aurangabad and expand to other major cities in India, backward integration as an application service provider and setting up a Internet Data Centre providing co-location/web-hosting/mail and other services.As the broadband network widens, we aim to expand too, each time delivering unmatched customer experience and hoping to become a sought-after ISP.